Wear it Early, Wear it Late, Dress it Up, Dress it Down

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Wear it Early, Wear it Late, Dress it Up, Dress it Down
silk charmeuse blouse is part of my go-to uniform. Wash it in the machine. Dry it in the machine. It softens the sheen, softens the color too. With tighten up in weave and shrink some. Its a good idea if you plan to wash or dry silk, to do so before cutting. 

Over time, the fabric takes on a beat up, worn because you love it look... and feel.

It transcends occasion. Wear it for breakfast, to a luncheon, for cocktails or dinner. Wear it to a business meeting. Wear it to walk the dog. Wear it to wedding with chiffon skirt. Wear it with jeans or with matching 4-ply silk pants. My favorite, and I'll write more on that later.

In my closet and sometimes hanging as samples in the store, I have 4 different colors of silk charmeuse blouses. All sewn using my tried-and-true long button down shirt pattern. All beaten by a year of machine washing, hot drying and comfortable wearing:


Two new silk charmeuse shirts that will be new, crisp and shiny in process in:
132 Spring Green Silk Charmeuse Those are some of my colors. 

Pick your colors

Make your favorite tried and true pattern.
Wear to death.

Guess where I am in my uniform silk charmeuse blouse in Adriatic Blue, with cross-dye linen pants:

And what am I doing? Well, that is for another story...... 

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