The Fabric of Marine Life in Lace

Posted by Susanne Chess on 1/24/2019 to News
The Fabric of Marine Life in Lace
Welcome to the newly updated! We're working hard to quickly update our online fabric store and bring it up to date with all the beautiful items we have to share at Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara brick and mortar store. (It might actually be brick and mortar beneath the stucco.)

Here at the Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara we have a special treat: Our large screen television which can be seen through our store front windows 24 hours a day, featuring fashion fabric, buttons, lace, and all the items that make Fine Fabrics special, will be interlaced with a gallery of images that some may think unrelated.

The images are tribute to my husband, my not-so-silent partner whom many of you have met. He entertains husbands and boyfriends while you shop. He is not only Fine Fabrics' photographer. Bob Evans is a renowned underwater photographer, with an honorary masters from Brooks Institute of Photography. Brooks is now a school within UCSB.

Fashion photography was not his favorite, until he stopped to look at some of his images of our lace. He commented that it was as intricate as the fabric of marine life he photographed, which inspired our adding the ocean images to the screen play.

To start, we'll be featuring images from beneath the offshore oil platforms of the Santa Barbara Channel. It is not widely known but our offshore oil platforms are home to a marine ecosystem more diverse and productive than any reef in the world. That's from proceedings of the Academy of Sciences website. But you don't have to don a wet suit. In my opinion, neoprene is not only difficult but not that much fun a fabric with which to work. Seamed with glue and only sewn where stitching holes are supported with tape. To see the underwater beauty, all you have to do is come by Fine Fabrics at 1307 State Street to ogle our fabrics and photographs.

For those of you who can't visit, you can see Bob's work at

Products featured here are Solstiss beaded lace from Fine Fabrics' Annual Worlds' Finest Lace Show, and heavy silk charmeuse in color 019 Gold. 

Heavy silk charmeuse is 30 mommie. Mommie is how we measure silk. Its the weight at 100 yards. Heavy, 30 mommie silk charmeuse is perfect for pants, dresses and tunics that you would like to have shimmer and shine of a silk charmeuse, without the cling.

Fine Fabrics carries silk finished in the USA. The mill warehouses for Fine Fabrics 20,000 different pieces of silk. A gross, 144 colors, and 25 different weaves, plus prints and specialty silk items. If you don't see what you are looking for on contact us.

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