Red White and Blue Cotton Poplin Skirt for 4th of July Party

Posted by Ms.FineFabrics - Susanne on 7/9/2019
Red White and Blue Cotton Poplin Skirt for 4th of July Party
It has been awhile since I made an outfit for a party. Then, my not-so-silent partner Bob and I received an invitation to a 4th of July party at "The Top of the World." With a 260 degree view of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara City and Harbor, we celebrated with feast and friends, joy and solemnity, and when the sun sets the best view of the annual fireworks show! 

I had always thought about making the layers of Vogue Pattern 7880 in fabrics of different colors or textures.
Didn't expect to do so using our cool red, deep navy and bright white of pima cotton poplin (milled in England). Coupled with an invitation to the 4th of July party, the bolts on the shelf at Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara were too much to resist!

Now for the party

The Top of the Evening

Our host, Lad Handelman shares appreciation for the experience and opportunities he embodies. Co-Host Linda Seal shares history of what happened to some of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence.

A new American Flag is raised.

It will overlook the City of Santa Barbara until next year. Daniel Rodriguez a.k.a. "The Singing Policeman" leads guests in singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Guest Speakers

Share their insight, gathered from special experiences about the American flag, pledge of allegiance, war and immigrating to the United States.

Celeste Barber shared a story of her father's from WWII and her perspective after living in East Berlin while the wall stood.

Brigadier General Frederick R. Lopez, Ret., told the story of  Mike Christian and what the American Flag meant to him and his fellow POW while interned in a Vietnamese camp. Santa Barbara Historian Erin Graffy rounded the edge.
This year, I think it important to say: Guests at the party are diverse. Blond, Black, Asian, Latin American; born in Africa, China, Mexico,.Norway, Singapore, Thailand, and more. Bob was born in Paris, France. He is a direct descendant of General Wilkinson, who signed the Louisiana Purchase. On the other side is an American Indian who married a widow who immigrated from Wales. My grandparents were Jews who arrived from Russia through Ellis Island. 

The stories told at this party every year, resonate for all. Just like America is for all!

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