Chantilly Lace Over Silk Charmeuse Face Covering Mask

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  • Color:Blush Chantilly Lace Over Midnight Silk Charmeuse
  • Content:The Finest Solstiss Chantilly Lace over 100% Silk Charmeuse
  • Origin:Made Exclusively for Fine Fabrics by Eduardo, Santa Barbara, California, Lace from the finest couturier mills of France, Silk Lining finished in the USAFrance, Lining from England, Interfacing made in USA, Bias Tape from Italy
  • Care:Machine Wash and Machine Dry or Hand Wash and Line Dry in Sun

Comfortable and conforming to facial contours:

Small pleat under the chin

Pleat across mouth large enough to sing, bellow or scream

Center nose box pleat, with two tucks conform around a wide variety of noses, and hold body of mask softly away from mouth.

Small tucks over cheek bones pull mask below eyes.

Comfortably adjusts with cotton bias around ears and under chin. Overcomes irritation experienced by wearing elastic, and doesn’t force ears outward.

Can it get any better than this? Add to the mix, Susanne’s professional demeanor masks are made exclusively for Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara by Eduardo.

Eduardo is Santa Barbara (and Montecito’s) local pedigree tailor. Sample maker for Shaun and Carla Thomson’s Solitaire, Firenze and others. Couture for Luis Estevez and tutelage under Letizia Alta Moda for more than 17 years. It does not get any more bespoke than this… not in London, Paris, Milan or Barcelona.

Fine Fabrics’ masks are face coverings, to wear as a courtesy to others and to comply with general face covering regulations, such as entering stores or other public venues. They are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).

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